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Iron Horse Brews….. Our Story

Where family, friends, and community gather around our table.

Iron Horse Brews was created to promote the three things most dear to Mickey and Anita Schwarzbek: Family, Friendships and Community. Bringing people together was our goal from the start and Iron Horse Brews is our way of promoting these relationships. We are both local graduates of Fairview High School and have lived in the Sherwood community for 20 years. Choosing to raise our four children here shows just how important Sherwood and the local communities are to us. 

“Sherwood has been a great place to raise a family and has treated us well.” We feel blessed that our children still call Sherwood home and will be involved at the Iron Horse. All our children have a role at the Iron Horse. Our daughter Abbigail recently moved back to the area from Toledo and is our Chef. She has been in the Toledo market working at a variety of notable restaurants gaining experience to run our kitchen here at “home.” Ashley, our daughter in law, handles our social media marketing, events, and helps manage. Ashley has a considerable understanding of what great customer service is along with a true desire to provide a great customer experience. Our son, Austin, will use his former culinary education to aid in recipe development, along with ensuring a wide array of Ohio craft beers are always on tap. Our youngest son, Aaron, will be seen behind the bar, and will handle a portion of the book work. Our youngest daughter Allison is finishing up her college degree and will be waitressing when home from school. 

After purchasing the 1916 brick building in downtown Sherwood,  we noticed that we would frequently see cars stop along the railroad tracks, and people would sit and watch for the trains. That’s when we decided, as a family, that we should open a restaurant that included a railroad theme inside and an outside patio for people who want to sit and “train watch.” On the Inside of our restaurant you will find our bar is uniquely shaped like a train with a firepit on the smokestack. You will also find some railroad memorabilia scattered throughout ,and many Ohio railroad pictures, some were even photographed right here in Sherwood. Outside, we have our windows decorated with the different railroad lines that have run through Ohio and some of the local towns that had a train depot stop along its route. 

On the Iron Horse menu, you will find some of our own family’s favorite foods, starting with smoked meats and craft beer. “Smoked” foods have always been a staple at our house for dinners and family get togethers. Mickey has been perfecting his art of smoking foods for many years. We figure our family isn’t much different than any other family in this community so we bought an in-house smoker for Iron Horse Brews so everyone can enjoy “smoked” foods close to home. We also like to travel throughout Ohio visiting microbreweries, distilleries and wineries trying the local Ohio made beverages. As a family we have done a lot of “Taste Testing” to get the right mix of beers, wines and bourbons to offer on our drink menu. Overall, our goal was to create an atmosphere where family, friends and community could come together and enjoy a nice meal, their favorite beverage, and just relax as they Gather Around Our Table.



(419) 899-4766

101 N. Harrison St.

Sherwood, OH 43556



Sunday  11:00am - 3:00pm

Monday-Wednesday 11:00am-2:00pm

Thursday 11:00am-10:00pm

Friday-Saturday 11:00am-11:00pm


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